Looking towards 2026 – the launch of our new four-year strategy

Ancotrans is a company of vision and values. Since it began with horse and carriage back in 1882, to our shift in the 1970s to container transport and to our first international offices opening in 2008, we have always looked ahead in order to be the best transportation company we can be. Over the years, our company has evolved, but our mission and dedication to our customers and employees have always stayed the same.

As we lay out our strategy for the next four years, our drive to obtain a broader international presence and to be a greener company remains true. To make that happen, we are focusing more on our people, growth with our customers, and our impact on the planet. By improving these key areas, we hope to be an even better and greener transport option for all our customers and a better workplace for our employees.

On the growth side of things

Our aim for Ancotrans, when we consider growth and scalability, is focused on a couple of key elements. One of the areas we want to improve is our operational efficiency to provide a better service to our customers. The best way to do this is by integrating a new modern Transport Management System to streamline our container transport and overall logistic operations across Europe.

And speaking of growth, over the last couple of years, we have opened multiple offices and made acquisitions that have seen us shift from a Danish to an international company. And in the next couple of years, we want to run further with that mindset for international growth to serve our clients nationally as well as internationally building a truly European Ancotrans network.

For the planet

In Ancotrans we have a commitment to become 100% CO2 neutral. Our target for 2026 is to reduce our emissions by 5%. And to accomplish this, our strategy is shifting from carbon offsetting and turning it towards reduction. However, we still offer carbon offsetting options for our customers in our afforestation project in cooperation with Trofaco, who are helping planting thousands of trees within the ANCO forest in Uganda.

Meeting this ambitious reduction target means kickstarting new eco-friendly initiatives and investing more in green products and solutions.

For the people

To make an even better company, we must start with our workplace and employees. We’re a family-owned business, and our values and ways of working together result in a strong team spirit and engagement in each individual. This is the sentiment we try and spread across our company, and we believe we are doing a good job at looking after our employees and creating strong partnerships with our many different stakeholders.

But as with everything, we can always look to do more and build upon what we are already doing.

Our focus for the near future will be promoting good leadership and enhancing employee growth throughout the company. We will also be implementing greater access to mental and physical well-being initiatives for our employees.

By improving on these aspects, we hope to create a better and more efficient workplace, generating more value for our customers. And in addition, develop a workplace environment that further helps our current and prospective employees grow and develop.

Making Ancotrans a better transport option, one container at a time

Since our first container shipment, we have always kept our wheels on the ground, looking to be a better company– and that hasn’t changed. By focusing on our people, our planet, our growth, and our customers, we will create a better and smarter container transport product, hopefully pushing us towards being the preferred partner in all the markets we operate in, now and in the future.

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