Providing localized service through our European team

For us, being able to provide the best service means being able to offer a wide range of services consistently. This means bringing our European services closer to you and doing it daily. To make this happen requires that we invest heavily in our production and constantly explore new methods to deliver our services. 

In this article, we will shed light on our international teams in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. We will show how these offices make a local impact in their regions, what makes them unique, and how that makes a difference for you.

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What our European teams bring to the table

Our international teams and various offices allow us to get closer to the markets we operate in and to you. Each region, each country, and each market all have specific issues, operational barriers, or requirements that can only be dealt with effectively if you have wheels on the ground there.

Currently, we have eight offices spanning four countries throughout northern and western Europe. Each one provides unique services and know-how that only they can bring to their respective market and region, in addition to offering all the regular services that Ancotrans provides.

Denmark ships it all

Ancotrans began in Denmark, so we thought it appropriate to start the journey here. What we bring to the Danish market is versatility. For one, we are the biggest cross-border and national container road transport company in Denmark, which provides our clients flexibility in their shipping right off the mark.

Secondly, many of our drivers are certified – Det Blå bevis – allowing them to transport all danger classifications. And when you combine these two factors, we instantly become an attractive option for the Danish market.

And let’s not forget our sideloader fleet. We have the largest fleet of sideloaders in Europe and were the first to implement electric versions. What makes Ancotrans Denmark unique is that they possess the largest fleet of sideloaders within the company.

These telescopic sideloaders can operate 45’ containers, allowing goods to be delivered in tight spaces – adding yet another layer of versatility for our Danish customers.

David Nees Kynde
Country Manager, ANCO West

Phone: +45 8941 9000

For Germany, it's location, location, location

The benefits of having offices in Hamburg and Cologne are numerous. Logistically, both offices are situated in prime locations. For one, Hamburg is home to one of Europe’s largest ports and the largest one in Germany, connecting the country to international shipping lanes.

Cologne, on the other hand, has a vibrant industrial area and is located close to one of the world’s largest non-marine terminals, Duisburger Hafen AG. Also, the city is situated right along main transport lines that travel from southern Europe up through the continent.

What makes Ancotrans Germany unique is its capacity for intermodal transport. With easy access to rail lines and major trucking lanes, our customers receive a large-scale transport option at a competitive price, not to mention reduced carbon emissions.

Arne Kraeft
Country Manager (ppa.)

Phone: +49 (0)40 4689 633-0

Swedish efficiency through intermodal transport

Our teams in Sweden may be smaller in scale, but what they lack in size, they make up for in efficiency. For example, our offices in Gothenburg and Helsingborg provide an extensive network between northern and southern Sweden. And despite being smaller in scale, they operate their own train set , which makes intermodal options throughout the country competitively priced and more environmentally friendly.

This efficient intermodal network also allows for quick border crossings between Norway and Finland, providing a solid national and international transport option.

Daniel Karlsson
Country Manager

Phone: +46(0)31 64 62 80

A large genset fleet holds major potential for the Netherlands

Our office in the Netherlands may come as no surprise, as Rotterdam is home to the largest port terminal in Europe. However, with our recent acquisition of Transport Rien Boom, we can now offer so much more for our Dutch market.

With Transport Rien Boom comes years of experience within the reefer segment. We now have over 40 trucks equipped with gensets for the transport of reefer containers. Making our genset fleet now amongst the largest in Europe.

And some industries are already taking advantage of this. We are now becoming the go-to transport service for pharmaceutical companies as we offer temperature control hauling at volume with full GDP certification for our drivers. Making it easier for our Dutch pharmaceutical customers to transport their goods throughout Europe.

Dave Lanser
Country Manager (ppa.)

Phone: +31 858 902 890

Localized service with an international scale

What makes our company tick is down to each and all our teams, who individually bring something special to their markets, and collectively make up an extensive international transport network.

Our teams allow Ancotrans to get closer to our customers and enable us to tailor services to match your needs. Our network of offices provides us with the flexibility necessary to meet demands and fulfill all transport requirements.

As we continue to invest in upgrading our fleets with the latest and most efficient technology, we will also continue to invest in our teams and expand our operations. We aim to make trucking and intermodal transport effective, less carbon intensive, and most importantly, flexible for you, our customer.