Sideloaders Goes Electric.

ANCOTRANS remains at the forefront of the push towards greener alternatives in the transport industry, now also in the field of sideloaders. We have partnered up with one of our sideloader suppliers, Hammar, to become the first company in Europe to introduce and utilize electric sideloaders.

The electric sideloader utilizes an electric power pack (ePP), which lasts around 20 consecutive lifts with a 30 tonnes weight and is able to be charged by the truck while driving or by plug-in (230V).
Electric power suits Sideloaders particularly well as the handling time of the cranes is approx. 2-5 mins per stop. Compared to the traditional diesel power pack the ePP has many advantages. Less environmental impact, a healthier working environment and significantly lower noise levels. Better for the operator, better for the climate and a greener service for our customers.

For more information, please contact Lars Thilqvist (, Operations Manager in Copenhagen.

Do you want your containers delivered on the ground?

With Europe’s largest fleet of sideloaders we have unique ability in this area. With more than 100 trips daily and a combination of all types of sideloader, we can provide every possible solution for sideloader transport. We have sideloaders that can operate 45’ containers and telescopic sideloaders that can slide together so that we can deliver even in confined spaces.

Delivery with sideloaders requires a free area of 5.5 meters in height and 5.5 meters laterally. Sideloaders always load on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

For more information, please contact Lars Thilqvist (, Operations Manager in Copenhagen or Jens Foged (, Transport Manager in Aarhus.


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