Sideloader transport
for tailored efficiency

Ancotrans is at the forefront of the transport industry’s shift towards greener solutions. Partnering with Hammar, we have become the first company in Europe to introduce and utilize an electric sideloader.

Electric sideloaders feature an electric power pack (ePP) with a capacity of around 20 consecutive lifts and a weight capacity of 30 tonnes, offering exceptional performance. And can be charged while driving or through a plug-in (230V).

Electric power is perfectly suited for sideloaders, mainly due to their short crane handling time of approximately 2-5 minutes per stop. Compared to traditional diesel power packs, our ePP provides numerous advantages. It reduces environmental impact, creates a healthier working environment, and significantly lowers noise levels. Making it a superior choice for operators, the climate, and customers seeking greener services.

Need a unique container delivery option?

Whether you require sideloaders capable of operating with 45′ containers or telescopic sideloaders for confined spaces, we have you covered. With Europe’s largest fleet of sideloaders, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific transport requirements.
Please note that sideloader transport necessitates a minimum clearance area of 5.5 meters in height and 5.5 meters laterally. Additionally, our sideloaders always load on the left-hand side of the vehicle.

Contact us today to explore your sideloader options and discover how we can fulfill your specific transport requirements.

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