Driving towards
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HVO biodiesel

Electric trucks

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Road to reduction

In Ancotrans we have a commitment to become 100% CO2 neutral. Our target for 2026 is to reduce our emissions by 5%. To accomplish this, our strategy is shifting from carbon offsetting and turning it towards reduction. However, we still offer carbon offsetting options for our customers.

By having both carbon offsetting and more sustainable transportation options, we will reduce our impact on many different fronts.

Join us on our green journey – together, we can drive the positive change needed to create a better future.


Electric trucks

Electric fleet – a major mile marker towards sustainability
Our route to carbon neutrality gathers speed with a new fleet of electric trucks and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation. We have electric trucks on the road in Germany, Sweden and Denmark. These electric trucks from Volvo offer a range of 320 kilometres and have a robust load capacity of 44 tons, making them ideal for local, regional, and last-mile deliveries.


HVO biodiesel

Driving towards a better future
HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a revolutionary and renewable biodiesel that significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Its carbon footprint measures at an impressively low 0,11 kg CO2/km (or 0.35178 kg CO2/litre fuel), meaning that a HVO truck has an 85% lower CO2 emission compared to a standard diesel truck – thereby offering a cleaner and more sustainable transport solution.



Diverse routes to one sustainable goal
ANCOmodal is our answer to intermodal transport. By integrating diverse transport modes, we minimize emissions and fuel consumption through our electrified trains and trucks, ensuring a greener journey.

As we expand our European network, ANCOmodal seamlessly blends intermodal networks and last-mile expertise, enabling affordable, eco-conscious shipping. Welcome to the future of efficient, responsible transport.



Contribute to offsetting the carbon footprint of your
transport container by joining our Ugandan AncoForest project.

If you opt for this service, we will apply a green surcharge equivalent to the cost required to offset the CO2 emissions for each kilometre of your transport. This surcharge is then utilized to plant trees in the Ugandan AncoForest project, with each tree capable of absorbing up to 3 tonnes of CO2 in just 20 years – that’s 43% of our 2022 total carbon emissions. Making it a simple and cost-effective way to reduce your environmental impact.

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