We carry out all types of container transports:

  • Standard ISO-containers from 20′ to 45’
  • Refrigerated containers, 20’ and 40’, with or without generator unit
  • Open top or flatrack containers for over height and over width
  • Standard ISO-containers from 20′ to 45’ with full side access
  • Standard 20′ ISO-containers for vertical loading
  • Bulk containers, 20’, 30’ and 40’, with liner (bag in box-containers), tip chassis, emptying equipment and compressor for blowing to silos
  • Tank containers, 20’, 30’ and 40’, for powder or liquid, with tip chassis and compressor for unloading to silo or tank.
  • Containers and trailers for hazardous goods
  • Modular road trains
  • All types of trailer.

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Our equipment is the newest and best

We even strive to be as modern and as professional as we can in our choice of equipment. We have an aggressive policy for replacement in our pool of equipment, because we believe that we can only offer the best service if we have the most operationally secure equipment. At the same time it contributes to fulfilling our environmental strategy of having the most modern equipment in traffic. In our fleet we have 1600 container chassis, 35 sideloaders, 20 tip- and bulk chassis, 2 low loader chassis, 77 curtain trailers and 69 generator units. In other words, we can always find a solution to all your transport assignments, because we can quickly source more equipment in areas where there is sudden demand. If you have any questions regarding our equipment, contact COO Mogens Røigaard on mr@ancotrans.dk

We are also advanced in IT

We offer a lot of different IT services, such as our web booking, which you can read about under the IT services tab. To strengthen the relationship with our customers we have also developed an EDI system, which means that we can accept orders and send invoices via EDI. If you are interested in discussing the IT-based opportunities for optimising our collaboration, contact CIO Henrik Jore on hjo@ancotrans.dk

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Ancotrans office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Full control from booking to arrival