We are advanced in IT

To strengthen our relationship with our customers, we are constantly trying to develop new ways of working and digital services.  We offer web booking, tracking, API, EDI and much more. Read more about these under the IT Services tab or contact CIO Henrik Jore on hjo@ancotrans.dk to discuss further collaboration optimization.

Green IT

The environment also plays a major role in our IT department.  All IT equipment disposal is managed in a responsible way with every possible part recycled.  We have documentation for environmental waste handling. All IT equipment that we purchase fulfils the Energy Star requirement, which means we meet strict regulations to minimize operational CO2 emissions. Our website is Co2-neutral.

IT security

We are consistently improving security, with ongoing IT audits, IT security analyses and stress tests of our applications. Our critical IT equipment is now placed in the Amazon Cloud with all critical units in the network. All internet connections now have redundancy. We have also invested in emergency generators, so even a power cut won’t stop our committed service to you. Our staff all have mandatory awareness training session throughout the year and we invest heavily in cyber attack protection tools.

Upgrading with AncoAPI

Are you are looking for ways to add more value to your business? Maybe you’re already connected to our system in some way, but would like to gain smoother operations by increasing the amount and types of data exchanged? AncoAPI aids optimized processes.

  • Read more about our API


To ensure the highest quality of road transportation and timely deliveries for our customers, we have developed the TrucknTrace function. TrucknTrace will allow our customers to stay informed as to the status of their shipments, its current location, and many other features. For more information, see the TrucknTrace page below.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Ancotrans office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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