We are pleased to announce that Ancotrans + Transport Rien Boom will become a reality as per October 3rd.
We have been looking for the perfect acquisition match for a while and with the family history and values of Rien Boom combined with those of Ancotrans, we are convinced that we have secured the perfect platform to grow from.

Transport Rien Boom has a unique position in the reefer segment. With around 40 own trucks and gensets, 60 chassis, 8-10 subcontractors, 43 skilled own drivers and 8 experienced office employees we will be able to grow even further in the Benelux transport market.

Ancotrans combined with Transport Rien Boom will in total operate +100 trucks in The Netherlands, also covering Benelux, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden when supporting our other 9 offices in Northern Europe.

In the coming months we will do our utmost to merge the two companies and offices. We will move the Moerdijk office to the nice Rien Boom facilities (fenced parking, own workshop, and office space) in the business park in Schelluinenin the beginning of 2023.

Martin and Marja Boom, former owners of Transport Rien Boom, hands over the family company to Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge, CEO and owner, Ancotrans.

Transport Rien Boom’s facilities in the Business Park in Schelluinenin.

About Rien Boom Transport

Transport Rien Boom & Zn. B.V. was founded by Rien Boom in 1975. In 1999 Martin and Marja Boom took over the company from the family. In recent decades, they have allowed the company to grow into a solid and stable company.

The core values in Rien Boom are “Keep it simple” and “a deal is a deal” These two aspects are primary in the DNA of the organization. This is reflected everywhere in the processes and in the quality of the service of the company.

Specialization: Reefer containers with GENSET

All acquired trucks are equipped with generator sets for the transport of temperature-guided reefer containers. And since 2016, Rien Boom has met the requirements to be eligible for a GDP certification. In practice, transport according to GDP guidelines means that the transport must be actively cooled and monitored and that this is properly documented.

A long-awaited match for Ancotrans

After almost 50 years of steady operation, it is time for the Rien Boom family to pass on their company to a new “family”. And here Ancotrans enters the picture. With 140 years within the transportation market as a family-owned company, Ancotrans provides reliable, international container transport solutions, and seeking to grow on our markets, the foundation for a dialogue grew.

After a thorough and careful introduction period with a lot of common meetings and relations building, it became clear to both parties that the match extended beyond common industry, customer demands and way of working. The DNA of both companies runs deep, and is based on family-owned businesses, an equal set of values and a growth and efficiency potential that becomes even stronger in a joint company setup. In Ancotrans we are truly happy about the acquisition, and we are looking forward to welcoming all of our new colleagues and customers.

Since it was founded in 1882, Ancotrans has expanded to the point where we have offices in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Aalborg and Cologne.

Our vision and mission

Our acquisition of Transport Rien Boom supports our vision to build a truly European Ancotrans network based on our values and ambition to become 100% CO2-neutral.

And the high service and deliveries of Rien Boom perfectly support our mission of delivering value to our customers by offering reliable container transport solutions and second to none knowhow.

Read more about our history, mission and values here. 

We are sincerely looking forward to exploring the new opportunities with all our customers and if you have any questions regarding the acquisition please do not hesitate to contact: Dave Lanser, Branch Manager (dla@ancotrans.nl), Hans Geluk, Operations Manager (hans@rienboom.nl) or Gertjan Krab, Operations Manager (gkr@ancotrans.nl).