Today’s transportation market requires efficient workflows and reliable data. Every day we are doing our utmost to drive Ancotrans into the future as the preferred transportation partner to our customers and the preferred workplace within our industry. A part of our strategy for the next four years is to obtain a broader international presence and to be a greener company. Over the last couple of years, we have opened multiple offices and made acquisitions that have seen us shift from a Danish to an international company. And in the next couple of years, we want to run further with that mindset for international growth to serve our clients nationally as well as internationally building a truly European Ancotrans network. When we consider growth and scalability, we focus on a couple of key elements. One of the areas we are improving is our operational efficiency to provide a better service to our customers. As a part of this we have been reorganizing our internal organization. On May 1st Dennis Rytter will start as our new CFO and Niels Brixen Wahlström will continue as CCO and Vice CEO responsible for the respective country managers, our commercial growth strategy and performance.


In Denmark we will also make some changes to make sure that we are constantly focused on our customers. We will therefore no longer operate in a Jutland/Zealand logic but on country level, with David Nees Kynde as Country manager and Michael Strandby and Poul Henning Christiansen as dedicated sales managers in Denmark.

We have also started our journey integrating a new modern transport management system to streamline our container transport and overall logistic operations across Europe.

Meeting ambitious goals requires streamlined processes and systems. Our coming transport management system, AncoPro, takes container transport into the future by improving operational efficiency through reliable data and automation. In turn, allocating more time to customer service and creating solid client relationships.

Our new organization combined with our coming transport management system will make it easier for our customers to track their goods and interact with us at every step, providing a transparent process and improving your overall customer experience.


Every day we are working hard to achieve our vision of building a truly international Ancotrans network across Europe, providing transports and worldclass service to our customers where needed and from even more locations. Hence, a part of our strategy is to continue expanding our operations by opening more offices and doing acquisitions.

Growing with our customers is a priority for us on that journey, as our key purpose is to deliver value to our customers by offering reliable container transport solutions and second to none knowhow. If you have any suggestions on markets or areas, that you would like us to cover in the future, don’t hesitate to contact your local country manager with inputs and future business needs.

Country Managers:

Denmark: David Nees Kynde –

Germany: Arne Kraeft –

Sweden: Daniel Karlsson –

The Netherlands: Dave Lanser –

If you are interested in exploring our services and our European team you can find out more here: Providing localized service through our European team – Ancotrans)