We Are Still Fully Operational - Border Closings
Does Not Apply For Transportation Of Any Goods

Dear customers

Saturday at 12:00 the borders around Denmark closed temporarily until April 13th. 2020 due to COVID 19/Corona Virus. However the closing does not apply to any kind of transports of goods or workforce and we are therefore doing our best to carry on and maintain “business as usual” – In other words the borders are open to us and the goods that we are carrying for you.

It is very difficult for us to predict how easy the borders will be to cross but the authorities have announced that special corridors and lanes will be kept open only for the trucks. All measures are taken to keep the supply chain moving. Still we do anticipate some delays due to the situation and we will keep you informed during the transport.

We hope for your understanding in these extremely difficult times. We will keep on following the recommendations of the local authorities and will continuously inform about the measures/situation.

Until then, the best thing we can do is keep the wheels running and work closely with you. So please keep the transports coming and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Best regards,