Truck'n'Trace - the new customer portal by Ancotrans

Dear customers, we are about to release our new customer portal – TRUCKNTRACE. The new portal provides you with a full overview on all your containers with us: Delays, status updates and more, relevant information around your transport. Supported by the new and user-oriented layout we are certain to provide complete and easy overview on your transports.

Delays are unavoidable…
…but TRUCKNTRACE will help us and you to manage and communicate them in the best possible way. As soon as possible after becoming aware of a delay we provide all information on the status and all running updates in TRUCKNTRACE.


TRUCKNTRACE is not a replacement for all the tools you might know and use today to work with us (webbooking, EDI, API) but it shall be seen as a supplement.

We will upgrade and extend the functionality over the coming months and it will always be your decision to use them or stick to the things you know.

With best regards
Anders Nielsen & Co – Ancotrans

Getting started

If you are a registered webbooking-user you can from now on use your login as well for

In case you are not a webuser today and are not registered please get in touch with our IT department by writing to
Of course you can also contact your regular contact in Ancotrans to obtain first information on our new portal.


TRUCKNTRACE provides detailed insight to the transport of your container and the related milestones such as pick up from terminal, arrival at customer and others. With ongoing development we will also integrate a detailed ETA-predicition based on GPS-data and geofencing.

Making report-ready easy

All containers that are dropped on site can be reported ready/empty in TRUCKNTRACE with just a click.