This is a tribute to all the drivers and dispatchers, and to everyone behind the scenes who have kept the wheels turning these past few weeks… you’ve shown just how strong our transport chain is. Thanks to the support of our customers, and because of the hard work of our drivers, we’re still trucking in all markets.


To everyone juggling a full-time job while home-schooling kids and taking care of their families – thank-you! I’ve been amazed by the fact that we’ve actually seen less sickness across the organization throughout these challenging weeks. That business has continued almost as normal is a testament to the effectiveness of local leadership as well as the tight communication with each other and our customers.


We’re handling this crisis TOGETHER, which is the way it should be. Imports and exports are still happening, with many thousands of container trucking’s every week. Thanks to the spirit of togetherness I’ve seen lately, I know that when we experience a downturn, we’ll ride it out as a team. My warm THANKS to all of you.