This is a test

Contingency plan

Dear customers,

We have been hit by a cyber attack and our IT systems are currently down.

Because of this we have now started our contingency plan in all Ancotrans offices.

In order to get a new network up and running with new PC and our planning tools we need some time to regroup and coordinate. We estimate that this will take 1 hour from xx:xx.

With our most recent backup (max. 15 minutes old) we still have the information and control of your transports and we will inform you asap when the new network is up and running.

In the meantime please use the below email channels for communication and new bookings until new information is sent out.

We will post running information about the situation on our web site


Thanks for your patience and help in this very chaotic situation,

ANCOTRANS – Anders Nielsen & Co. A/S