Dear customers,

Back to “Corona production mode”:
We hope that you have all had the chance to enjoy the summer with more time for family and friends. We are now more or less back in the Anco offices and many places around Europe we now unfortunately see an increase in the number of Corona infections. Especially around Aarhus, we have an issue which is why we will again implement “Corona production mode” with more than 50% of our employees working from home. Also in Hamburg we will implement a more strict separation of the two offices again to make sure that we take good care of each other and keep the important distance.

Masks for all trucks:
During 2020 we have proven together with you that the transport chain is strong and resilient even during very tough circumstances and we have kept the wheels and economy turning. To make sure that this will continue we will make sure that all trucks are equipped with masks during the coming period (this has already been mandatory for quite a while in Germany, but now we will implement in all markets).

Important recommendations:
Earlier this year parties in the transport industry drafted some important recommendations on receiving and shipping goods. Please share with all the warehouses, loading and unloading sites or wherever goods are handled. Follow link here for the recommendations (one page, very simple) for both drivers and customers: https://ancotrans.com/recommendations-on-receiving-and-shipping-goods/ and help us uphold the important hygiene measures.

Thanks again for your support and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

All the best and take care,