For container transportation, data protection and system integration stand as pillars of operational success and customer trust. With sensitive information flowing through logistics networks, safeguarding data against cyber threats is of the highest importance to prevent breaches and maintain integrity. Moreover, employing API/EDI integrations and smart digital services will help streamline your operations and stakeholder communication, ultimately increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Our solutions to these key topics not only enhance operational effectiveness but also ensure compliance with industry regulations, improving your resilience and dependability in an increasingly digitalized world.

Safeguarding your information

Protecting and respecting the privacy and confidentiality of all our customers’ data is one of our fundamental tenets as a company. We are aware that cyberattacks are becoming more advanced and frequent and can seriously damage a business’ operations and reputation. That is why we follow stringent security policies and procedures, such as encrypting all data in transit and at rest, using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, and regularly updating both our software and hardware.
As part of our commitment to data protection, we also invest in comprehensive training for our staff. This training equips them with the knowledge and skills to identify and prevent phishing, malware, ransomware, and other common cyberattacks. By adhering to these best practices, we aim to minimize the risk of data breaches and foster trust with our customers, assuring them that their sensitive information is in safe hands with us.

Leverage the power of automation
with seamless integrations

In today’s digital era, however, container transportation relies not only on secured data but also on timely and precise access to relevant data. This empowers businesses to automate processes, reducing the likelihood of errors, and saving valuable time.

To enhance our partnerships, Ancotrans offers a range of integration solutions aimed at optimizing processes for our customers. We achieve this through API and EDI solutions, facilitating seamless data transmissions between our systems that give you the ability to have complete visibility and access to data.

API or EDI: Which method should you choose?

API and EDI data integration solutions are designed to streamline your business’ data needs.

The difference between them is how they go about achieving the results you need.

An API Integration (Application Programming Interface) represents the future of data integration. Here, we facilitate real-time communication and data exchange between our platform and our clients’ systems, enabling automated processes, tracking, and reporting.

When it comes to a customized EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration solution, companies leveraging legacy technology frequently choose these standards to effectively integrate with one or more of our EDI solutions. We specialize in EDI integration solutions to seamlessly connect our logistics services with their existing systems, ensuring seamless data flow and operational synergy.


API (Application Programming Interface)

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)



Data is accessed through a software interface.


Data is stored in a file between two parties on the premises. Different standard formats, e.g., SFTP and AS2.


Real-time data exchange
Data can be updated instantly and synchronously between multiple systems.


Data is sent asynchronously. The receiver sees a snapshot in time.


Individual transactions

Each transaction can be handled as an individual request so that errors don’t often impact other requests.

Batch data

Updates to individual records are submitted together, which creates dependencies.


One-to-many connections

APIs can use the same infrastructure to connect many different partners. Connections can be set up within days.

One-to-one connections

EDI data integrations typically connect a single partner with coding/testing, thus setup can take a few months per connection.

Key offerings of the Ancotrans integrations

At Ancotrans, we specialize in providing comprehensive container logistics solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, regardless of whether you need an API or an EDI integration. Our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and innovation drives us to continuously explore integration possibilities that enhance our services and streamline operations across the supply chain.

Booking Management

Streamline booking creation, updating, and deletion for operational efficiency.

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems for data accuracy and consistency.

Data Accessibility

Empower customers with easy access to their shipment data, like container numbers.

Provide secure methods for accessing shipment details and invoices.

Milestones Tracking

Monitor shipment milestones in real time, including pickup, delivery, and transit updates.

Send automated alerts to stakeholders for timely updates on shipment progress.

Live Tracking

Utilize GPS for live tracking of container trucks.

Offer customers real-time visibility into shipment location and status.

Benefits of Integration

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlined processes and automated workflows improve operational efficiency and reduce manual errors.

Improved Visibility

Real-time data exchange provides stakeholders with greater visibility into the supply chain, enabling proactive decision-making and risk mitigation.

Cost Reduction

Integration minimizes administrative overheads, reduces lead times, and optimizes resource utilization, resulting in cost savings for our clients.


Our integrated solutions are designed to scale with the growing needs of our clients ensuring flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.

Reduces risk of errors

Direct and secure exchange of information with minimal manual processes drastically reduces the possibility of errors.

How do you choose the right solution?

The right solution for you starts with dialogue. During the onboarding process with Ancotrans, we will help you find the solution that fits your specific needs and help roll out a plan together. If you are interested or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our IT experts directly.

TrucknTrace–full control from booking to arrival

At Ancotrans, our commitment to data safety and transportation excellence is matched by our innovative digital tracking system, TrucknTrace. Designed to surpass industry standards, TrucknTrace provides customers with comprehensive real-time information on their shipments. 
With TrucknTrace, managing your shipments is as easy as a click. Our system, through constant communication with drivers and meticulous monitoring of container status, ensures transparency and peace of mind. It’s a tool that not only streamlines operations, minimizes delays, and decreases demurrage fees but also delivers on our promise of quality and timeliness.

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