Learn about the EU Mobility package

EU’s new mobility package is in force, and we are starting to get some early learnings about the impact the wide-ranging set of initiatives have on freight and road transportation. We would like to share our learnings so far with you.

In July 2020, the EU adopted a three-part collection of initiatives to regulate the governing, administration and operation of road transport across the EU.

The mobility package is a wide-ranging set of rules and regulations affecting the European market for road transportation and mobility – A “package” that will significantly impact how we do business in the future since the new rules will have impact on both the capacity and flexibility of road transport in the EU.

Get expert knowledge from DI and the legal perspective

To help you navigate within these new rules and regulations, we have held two webinars providing insight into the implications of these regulatory demands, our early learnings and a perspective into the legal parts of the mobility package.

You can see the webinar videos on demand below:

Video on demand: The impact of the mobility package

In this webinar, Michael Svane, Director of DI Transport & Chairman for Transport working Group, Business Europe share his insights into the intentions, implications and impact of the new regulatory demands facing the transportation industry. Michael has left a significant political fingerprint on the developments in the transport industry.

During this session, we take a closer look at:

  • The intention of the package
  • When different regulations will go into effect
  • How you can become more agile when change is coming – both now and in the future
  • What will the impact most probably be on short and long term basis

Video on demand: Learnings and next steps

The mobility package will impact the European transport market’s capacity and limit the flexibility we used to have. Add to that; the different rules will take into effect at different times depending on the local authorities and their priorities.

In this webinar Ulla Fabricius, heading Njord Law Firm’s team of dedicated transport specialists,  give a short wrap-up on the regulations that are implemented and the learnings so far from a legal perspective. Ulla has an in-depth legal insight into the transport industry and, in particular, the Mobility Package.

Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge, CEO in Ancotrans, also gives her perspective on the early learnings from the implementation of initiatives regarding the package.

During this session, we will take a closer look at:

  • The ups and downs of the Mobility Package
  • The control regimes on the different markets
  • Which obstacles we will have to overcome in the near future
  • How to navigate the new regulations

Mobility package – key regulations and dates

August 20, 2020

Driving and rest times

The driver has to get the ability to return every four weeks to a private address or operations center in the country/place of employment.

Rest documentation must be stored in the employer’s office.

February 2, 2022

European road package outplacement

When a company outplaces drivers to work in another EU country, the drivers salary must comply with those of the host country (cabotage and cross trade transports).

All outplacement transports must be reported to IMI with an outplacement declaration. We await enforcement rules in the EU. Every country might have their own enforcement strategy.

February 21, 2022

Return to home rules · New cabotage rules · Exit of combi directive

Every eight weeks, all vehicles must return to their usual operation center.

The new rules also include a “cool-down period,” meaning that trucks are still allowed a maximum of three cabotage trips but after these trips the truck must now have a 96-hour cool-down period before allowed new cabotage trips.

The transport company must keep an activity registration for all cabotage and international transports. Signatures, transport documents, and driver paychecks dating 12 months back are expected to be in custody at a control.


Want to know more and navigate in all the changes within road transportation?

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EU Road Package, purpose and consequences

Phase 2:
The EU Road Package aims to create better and more equal conditions for road freight transport. Phase 2 has been implemented February 2nd with the following main regulations:

  • Increased documentation requirements in terms of IMI registration, payroll documentation, increased control pressure, etc.,
  • Many Eastern European countries are introducing changes in payroll taxation for drivers due to the EU Road Package

Phase 3:
Phase 3 will be implemented with effect from February 21st with the following main regulations:

  • “Return to home”: The truck must, without exception, return to the haulier’s home address every eight weeks,
  • “Cool down period”: a 4-days waiting period for cabotage driving is introduced after 3 cabotage trips are performed

All initiatives that will impact the flexibility, capacity and mix of hauliers and their nationality.


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Read more about the rules on the official EU site or IRU’s website.

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