Dear customers

We are all struggling with the effects from the Corona virus spreading throughout the world. A situation that is far beyond anyone’s control. To make sure that we can still service you and keep the very important supply chain as intact as possible we have taken different measure that we would like to inform you about:

  1. We have been in contact with our own drivers and subcontractors, and have asked them to report back if they have been traveling in the “Corona high risk areas” or been in contact with people who have visited these areas. Should this be the case, everyone is instructed that they will be quarantined = not driving for us for 14 days
  2. Antibacterial gel are being distributed to all our trucks on an ongoing basis and we have sent the national Health Board’s general recommendations on good hygiene out as a reminder
  3. At the same time, we urge all our customers to ensure that the safety regulations on the individual loading/unloading sites are posted in a visible place in multi-language. We can not inform all drivers in each transport about the different measures taken at each and every loading place
  4. No drivers are allowed contact direct with office personnel
  5. Extra cleaning in offices are being planned
  6. No travelling between offices
  7. No external meetings
  8. No internal meetings will be held that last more than 15 minutes
  9. And finally we will this week divide every office into smaller groups with NO contact (working offsite) to minimize contamination in bigger groups and quarantine risk for a whole office

We are doing our utmost to navigate in this difficult situation and will inform you on a running basis of any new measures. At the same time we hope that we will all get through this soon and wish everybody all the best. Please contact us if you have any questions. Best regards and take care, Ancotrans