At ANCO we try our best to get more women to join our company. Right now just 2% of all Danish drivers are women and we have a goal of 10% women in the driving seat by 2025.

Last week we could happily welcome two new driver trainees; Danielle and Simone. Yesterday we spoke to Simone who said that, “ANCO has welcomed me with open arms, open communication and support all the way, for being a woman in transport”. We are so happy and humble to support women, so we can hopefully create a change that benefits the whole industry in the long run, together.

A taskforce for more women in the driving seat has been initiated last year by the transport industry. The taskforce underlines that increased diversity in the workplace will drive huge benefits for businesses in terms of both culture and profit.

Read more about the initiatives for more women in the driving seat here:  (in Danish)