We are pleased to announce that Ancotrans + Aarhus Container Trucking Aps will become a reality as per May 1st.

Samskip has decided to sell the activities of their container transport company, Aarhus Container Trucking, to Anders Nielsen & Co./ANCOTRANS. Samskip has been happy to have Aarhus Container Trucking as part of their portfolio, but after careful consideration they have decided to focus on other areas of their business.

With this takeover, Anders Nielsen & co./Ancotrans further strengthens our position on the market.

“We are excited to welcome Aarhus Container Trucking to our company,” says Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge, CEO and owner of Anders Nielsen & Co. / ANCOTRANS. “We have long been impressed by their expertise and the quality of their service. With this takeover, we will be able to offer our customers an even better service and a greater capacity.”

Samskip and Anders Nielsen & Co./ANCOTRANS will work closely together in the coming period to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved. Aarhus Container Trucking’s current customers will continue to receive the same high quality of service and will experience a smooth transition. Likewise, great attention will be paid to integratecurrent employees at Aarhus Container Trucking as part of Anders Nielsen & Co./ANCOTRANS.

“We would like to thank our employees at Aarhus Container Trucking for their commitment and dedication during their time at Aarhus Container Trucking/Samskip” says Steen Osorio, Managing Director – Samskip Denmark & ​​Sweden. “We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and look forward to continuing the collaboration with Anders Nielsen & Co./ ANCOTRANS in other areas.”

We wish Anders Nielsen & Co. / ANCOTRANS and Aarhus Container Trucking good luck with this new phase in their business.

For further information, please contact:

Samskip – Steen Osorio, Managing Director – steen.Osorio@samskip.com +45 28 35 10 50

Anders Nielsen & Co. / ANCOTRANS, Regarding the future cooperation and prices:

Sales Manager – P.H. Christiansen – ph@ancotrans.dk – +45 40 90 83 01

Branch Manager – Michael Strandby – mst@ancotrans.dk – +45 22 53 21 54

Branch Manager – David Nees Kynde – dnk@ancotrans.dk – +45 40 90 83 29

Anders Nielsen & Co. / ANCOTRANS, Regarding equipment, hauliers and drivers:

Transport Manager – Joakim B. Jakobsen – jja@ancotrans.dk – +45 89 41 90 39

Anders Nielsen & Co. / ANCOTRANS, Regarding customer support and booking a ride:

Team Manager Customer Support – Lise Rasmussen – lir@ancotrans.dk – +45 89 41 90 23

Many greetings,

David Nees Kynde & Steen Osorio

Anders Nielsen & Co A/S – ANCOTRANS Samskip Denmark & ​​Sweden