Our Goals

Our 12 service objectives were defined and launched in 2007 and are the DNA
of our service ethos. The service objectives define the service that our customers
can expect of everyone at Anders Nielsen & Co/Ancotrans.

Below you can read what each and every one of the service objectives covers.
Dive into ANCOenvironment and read more about our environmental measures,
or read more about our unique ANCOspirit.

We have an ambitious environmental strategy and it is our ambition to create the markets most environmental friendly container transports

Two goals, one promise


We want to reduce our carbon footprint by 25% in 2030, compared to our 2018 emissions.


Our ultimate goal is to become completely CO2 neutral.


We donate 5% of our company profits to Anco Forest every year (Up to DKK 1 million)


Our daily mission is to offer the most CO2 friendly container service on our markets and at the same time follow our 12 ambitious service goals. Since 2007 we have measured our CO2 consumption/kilometers and started numerous efforts to improve and minimize the environmental impacts

Is it possible to buy a climate compensated container transports?

Yes. We have invested many resources on becoming the first container trucker in the market who can deliver a climate compensated transport. And you can book one very easily for a small fee. Just ask your local Ancotrans contact who to do our just make the choice yourself in our webbooking. You can read much more about our green profile here: forest.ancotrans.com/.

As described in the service objectives we are strongly dependent on both terminals and authorities in our daily business. The complete transport chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

We have antennas out in all the relevant places, and with departments in three countries we have very wide knowledge of transport solutions in very different markets. Our CEO, Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge, is part of a number of political networks, and our local managers are always watching developments in our markets.

All companies have a special characteristic. Some are more distinctive and have values that differ clearly from what one might otherwise see. Others are part of a grey mass and don’t have their own profile. There is no doubt that our long history and many loyal employees and customers at Anders Nielsen & Co/Ancotrans has over time created a special “spirit”, that we are proud of. ANCOspirit describes the core of our DNA!

Every year we have an ANCOparty, where we gather all our employees and enjoy ourselves! And we invest in leadership education for all offices to create a joint leadership commitment and shared values across borders.

Container transportation can sometimes be a stressful job. When the port terminals are chaotic, there are queues on the roads and the phones are ringing, the ANCOsmile can be hard to maintain when we are speaking to our customers. But as a customer you should know that we do our utmost to fulfil the contracts we have entered, and if we don’t give the ANCOsmile on the telephone, let us know. We want nothing more than to give our customers the best service.

Certain documents are always associated with each transport. For international transportation the paperwork is particularly important and we place a strong focus on ensuring that all the customs declarations etc. are handled correctly. Our customs declarations are outsourced to experts in the area, but you can get assistance from all the ANCO offices, if you have questions regarding transportation documentation.

In our internal ERP system, ANCOplanner, our traffic supervisors always have an overview over the separate transports and can use the GPS transmitters to follow all our vehicles.

We also run special transports, where either the width, height or type of goods (for example dangerous goods) require special permits. We have the necessary training to handle such situations, and follow those particular transports with extra care.

Delays are unfortunately something that transport operations have to endure. Road conditions, container terminals handling times, wind and weather, driving hours and rest times regulations are some of the conditions that affect our daily business.
We know that our customers understand this – delays cannot be eliminated – but it also requires that we provide information in good time when a delay has occurred. Therefore, we continually work to improve to be even better at handling the delays that occur, and we do all in our power to inform when we experience big issues.

At Ancotrans we have developed our own APP in connection with our ERP-system. Through the APP our truckers and own drivers receive the instructions for the truckings. The APP is also used for our truckers and drivers to get delivery and waiting time receipts (signature on the smartphone) for the containers we deliver.
The APP enables us to have a full overview over each truck’s position, which means that we can deploy them better and document for our customers when the vehicle arrived at or left a customer, if there should be any doubts. It is our goal to be able to deliver track and trace for our customers very soon.

We put major resources into being at the cutting edge of IT, because we know that it is one of the most important ways to optimise co-operation with our customers. Time is money! We therefore now work with a new, improved system for web booking, that we are proud to launch. At the same time we have a number of EDI projects on the go.

This service objective is probably the one that arouses the strongest feelings, both internally at ANCO, and presumably also with our customers. Because no matter how much we plan there are frequently times during a year with a lot of holidays when there are such major capacity challenges that we have to say no and suggest an alternative delivery time.

Another problem is the fact that a majority the transports we carry every day are booked for delivery before 12:00. This creates bottle necks and perhaps the feeling that we often say no.

Therefore we always challenge our customers: Book as far in advance as possible, at least 24 hours before local loads, 48 hours before delivery for international deliveries, and remember that deliveries after 12:00 are gold dust to us and our subcontractors because we often have idle trucks and chassis in the afternoons.

We constantly monitor our quality and our customer’s perception of our service. As a part of our 2020 Strategy plan we are running Customer Advisory Boards on our markets to make sure that we listen to our customer’s needs.